Peergos release v0.3.0

Privacy is alive and well at Peergos as we continue on our mission to build the private web where you are in control of your data and identity.

We are pleased to announce the release of v0.3.0, and it's a big one! You can try it out on our alpha server now. This release patches a number of bugs in both the server and the client, and also brings a host of cool new features. There's too much to talk about in a single blog post, but we'll mention everything briefly before diving deep in later posts.

Some of the highlights include:

Performance improvements

  1. S3 datastore - read and write directly to S3 from the browser without proxying through a Peergos server
  2. GC is now fully concurrent and doesn't have any "stop the world" pauses
  3. Smoother HD video streaming through a buffered async reader


  1. Improved sharing UX
  2. Saving a document in the text editor is now 7x faster
  3. Easily delete your account and all your data


  1. Privacy-respecting payments - self-host a Peergos server and charge for storage
  2. Easily install and run IPFS via a top-level command
  3. Expanded quota APIs
  4. Postgres is now supported as well as SQLite

Protocol upgrades

  1. Upgrade to IPFS v0.6.0 - see the release notes here.
  2. Support base36 and base64 in multibase
  3. Limit identity multihashes to 36 bytes

We are particularly proud of the direct S3 datastore as it allows a Peergos server to use S3 compatible storage for the blockstore. Clients can read and write directly to an S3 bucket after authorization from the Peergos server. This new feature makes the Peergos server much more scalable and reliable, and gets around the need for complicated access policies when using S3. We will be exploring this feature in more detail soon!

In the meantime, head on over to our alpha and check it out!


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