Secure and private storage

Peergos's primary design goal is security and privacy. Only you should be able to read your data, your metadata, and your friend list. Files are stored in Peergos using state of the art encryption (TweetNaCl). Read more about our security.


You can share files in Peergos securely with other Peergos users. Alternatively, you can generate a public link to a file or a folder which can be shared with anyone. Only people who have that link can view the file and the file still isn't exposed to the network.

Private social network

The social network in Peergos is similar to Twitter or Instagram where any user can send another a follow request. The target user can accept, accept and reciprocate, or deny. Who follows who is not visible to us or the network.

Multiple device login

Using your password you can log in on any device securely. Any files will be downloaded from the network and decrypted on demand locally.


Peergos is built on top of IPFS. You can run Peergos on your own machine and still access your files through any other Peergos server. Alternatively you can pay another provider to store your data (they won't be able to read your files). Currently, we have a small central server which stores usernames and public keys, but we will be moving this to a blockchain eventually. Read more about our technology.

Open source

Peergos is fully open source and self-hostable.

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