Peergos is building the next web - the private web, where end users are in control of their data. Imagine web apps being secure by default and unable to track you. Imagine being able to control exactly what personal data each web app can see. Imagine never having to log in to an app ever again. You own your data and decide where it is stored and who can see it. At Peergos, we believe that privacy is a fundamental human right and we want to make it easy for everyone to interact online in ways that respect this right.

Peergos is a decentralised protocol and open-source platform for storage, social media and applications. It is designed from the ground up for privacy and security, and restores ownership and control to the user through seamless access management using quantum-resistant end-to-end encryption.



Ian did his DPhil in Particle Physics at Oxford University, during which he mainly worked on a new x86 system emulator, JPC. After his doctorate he was the lead developer on an x86 Linux process emulator which was able to achieve 80% native speed on x86 hardware. As well as emulation, he is passionate about distributed systems and cryptography, which is in his blood as his grandfather worked at Bletchley park during WWII. Both of these are in abundance in Peergos.


Chris also has a DPhil in Particle Physics from Oxford University and used to work on the Large Hadron Collider before turning his focus to software engineering. He has written an ACID compliant distributed noSQL database with better performance than Cassandra.


Kevin ported the world's first full x86 system emulator to run in javascript. He followed this up with the first javascript port of a fast DOS emulator and more recently contributed to a Linux emulator capable of running WINE in a web browser.


Jonathan completed his PhD in Applied Probability at the University of Melbourne. He worked in various quantitative roles in banking in Australia and the UK before changing industries to become a software engineer and build enterprise data science products.


Joanna is an award-winning science communicator with a DPhil in Zoology from Oxford University. She won FameLab Poland and "I'm a Scientist, get me out of here!", presented for the Discovery Channel and spoken at TEDx. She splits her time between academia, popular science writing and public engagement.

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